Climbing shoe recycling

Did you know that only in the Netherlands, roughly 80.000 kg of climbing shoes are thrown away every year? We're going to stop this from happening, by collecting the worn climbing shoes at Monk Rotterdam and Outdoor XL in Barendrecht. We will start the research on how to recycle them, because as of now there is no existent shoe recycling in the world. We're talking now with climbing shoe manufacturers to start using this granulate in new climbing shoes to close the loop.

A big thank-you goes out to Monk, who always have and still support Clean Climber in many ways in making our sport sustainable.

So which are the climbing gyms that are taking the lead in joining us in our recycling program? Here they are:

  • Club Monk

  • Monk Eindhoven

  • Monk Rotterdam

  • Monk Amsterdam

For climbing gyms wanting to join our program, please email us

Too worn out to be resoled: recycle these shoes!

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