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Clean Climber started collaborating with Werckstof in 2022 to make their boulder gyms more sustainable. Their gyms are the following:

  • Apex Boulders (Groningen)
  • Boulderhal Energiehaven (Utrecht)
  • Boulderhal Kunststof (Leiden)
  • Boulderhal Roest (Zwolle)
  • Boulderhal Zuidhaven (Utrecht)
  • Radium Boulders (Maastricht)

They are aware of the footprint of our sport and want to change the status quo for the better, therefore we collaborate on our five pillars:

REstore – support of the Oh-my-block festival in the Fontainebleau region.

REuse¬†– sometimes we for got things in the gym as climbers, but we will make sure it’s not going into the bin. Useful and safe rock climbing gear will be sent to climbing clubs without money to buy this gear, worn shoes will be recycled, clothing will be donated and drinking bottles¬† will be recycled. Clean Climber provides the logistics and the partners.

REsole – when the rubber of your shoe is worn out, your shoe can still be repaired. Repairing is better than recycling for the environment, good for your wallet and will give you high quality shoes back. Clean Climber will provide you with the service at your gym.

REcycle – are your climbing shoes beyond repair? Clean Climber will recycle your shoes and our partners will produce sports mats from the recycled rubber that you will find in your gym to train on.

REthink – distributing the flyers with the sale/rent of crashpads.