Mountain Network and Clean Climber are now (climbing)partners

We are pleased and proud to announce Mountain Network & Clean Climber are now officially partners. With this partnership Mountain Network is setting big steps towards a more sustainable climbing sport. Climbers at Mountain Network are now able to REsole their beloved shoes in Leeuwarden (and during the year in all 7 climbing gyms), REcycle their worn-off shoes into rubber sports mats and lost & found items that lay around more than 2 months will be sent to less privileged climbing clubs in the world.

During the year Mountain Network will also provide several workshops about outdoor climbing ethics. Climbers will learn how to behave environmentally neutral when going outdoors, something that has become more and more apparent since the popularity of the climbing sport is increasing rapidly.

Working together: like a climber with its belayer

Leopold Roessingh, manager operations at Mountain Network about this partnership: “Sustainability has always been one of our pillars on which we built Mountain Network. But although we’re pleased that the climbing sport is getting more and more popular, the urgency to balance things out with the environment is also getting more necessary. With Clean Climber as a partner we are looking to meet our sustainability goals. Also a big advantage is that we’re not only addressing the sustainability of indoor climbing, but also educating outdoor climbers to be more environmentally neutral outdoors.”

Gerard van Laar, founder of Clean Climber about this partnership: “We are very proud and pleased that one of the largest climbing communities of the Netherlands is ready to join forces to tackle the sustainable issues of the climbing sport. Clean Climber is committed to ensure that future generations can also enjoy the beauty of our climbing sport. We are a non-profit foundation. So a partnership like this allows us to take our message even further (beyond our national borders). And we are very pleased with that! ”

About Mountain Network

As one of the largest climbing and mountaineering organizations in the Netherlands, Mountain Network has been doing everything possible to develop climbing for more than 35 years. Climbing is for everyone. No matter the age, posture or level of experience one has. It doesn’t matter, everyone is welcome in the 7 climbing- and bouldering gyms of Mountain Network.
They educate beginners on how to climb and belay safely, but also host the Dutch climbing team. And they are the only Dutch organization that provides in- as well as outdoor (abroad) climbing.
Above all, Mountain Network provides a place where people can connect. After all, you rely on your climbing buddy to belay you. Or you motivate each other while climbing a mountain together. Friendship and togetherness are inseparable from our sport and Mountain Network wants to encourage that

About Clean Climber

Clean Climber’s mission is to ensure climbing for future generations. In order to do so, Clean Climber aims to bring the impact of the climbing sport in balance with its environment in order to make the sport sustainable. Clean Climber is committed to cleaning climbing areas, reusing climbing gear and creating more awareness among climbers regarding their own responsibilities. We all have an impact and can change that into having a positive impact. Let’s ensure climbing for future generations, together!