Turning climbing shoes into sports mats!

The sports mat with your old climbing shoes in it is a fact: the first floor has been laid at Monk Rotterdam.

Clean Climber started in 2021 together with bouldering chain Monk, recycling company Sympany, shoe manufacturer Stultiens and sports mat producer Stockz to make climbing shoes more circular. In February 2022 we kicked off with the largest collection of worn climbing shoes ever in the Netherlands. And as far as we know, also the biggest in the world. The climbing sport has given a clear answer: we want circular climbing shoes.

We have succeeded

The first sports mat, made from recycled climbing shoe rubber and recycled car tyre rubber, is a fact. The first dumbbells have already had a soft landing on it at Monk Rotterdam. In addition to recycling worn climbing shoes, the repair of climbing shoes has also grown, not only for climbers but also the first rental shoes have undergone a repair to extend their lifespan.

Successful chain

This chain of companies will continue to repair and recycle climbing shoes, with planned expansion inside and outside the Netherlands. This group of driven entrepreneurs in our small country has managed to pull this off with support from the Circular Chain Project grant. On 29 April 2022, the unveiling of this first sports floor of your old climbing shoes took place at Monk Rotterdam.


In a celebratory fashion, the first mats were unveiled in the presence of people from Monk and various partner organisations. The turnout was good, also for a special climbing clinic from none other than our very own Gerard. Later, as is befitting, we celebrated with drinks and bites.

This is one big step forward and we look forward to new partnerships and possibilities. Interested to join us or work with us? Get in touch!