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Climbing gear that was forgotten in climbing gyms, old climbing walls and climbing wall gear can find a new home in climbing clubs who are low on money instead of ending up in the trash bin. 

We are in touch with small climbing gyms with a limited budget who promise to give out the donated climbing gear for free to their climbers. See the PDFs below what you can send and what the receiving clubs promise to do when they receive it, as well as an A3 poster you can use in your gym.

Many boxes full of climbing shoes, chalk bags and brushes have already been sent to climbing gyms in Bosnia-Herzegovina (picture on the right), Romania and Montenegro.

Contact us if you’re interested in donating or receiving lost&found climbing gear:

We want to thank the following gyms for participating in this program, you guys are the best!

Lost&found climbing gear is sent from climbing gyms to climbing clubs who lack the budget to buy it.

      Below you can find:

  • A PDF-document for the donator with the steps to ship a box and FAQs.

  • A PDF-document for the receiver that they need to sign before the donated gear can be shipped.