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Climbing ethics

Nobody likes rules, so why making them? Well, first of all, to preserve nature. Secondly, if the climbing area is a mess and if climbers don’t follow the local rules, local authorities can close the climbing area. So please follow these guidelines as good as you can!

Please don’t leave anything in nature, not even apple cores!

If there are campings, camp there. If there’s nothing, please use camp spots that have been used before, as new spots will destroy the soil.  Similarly, don’t make new trails, please. If you’re not allowed to camp, please don’t to prevent closure of the climbing area!

Trash doesn’t belong in nature, picking up other’s trash is appreciated by nature.

For example, in Fontainableau it is not appreciated if you use chalk in some areas. Please follow the local customs.

Water sources (lakes, rivers) get contaminated if you pee or poop less than 50 meters from it. Keep your distance, dig a deep hole for pooping, put your toilet paper in it and cover it with soil.  If there’s a toilet nearby, use that instead!

Please leave rocks, plants and any other part of nature where you’ve found it.