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cleanups in Europe REstore

We organise cleanups in Europe.
Our next cleanups are:
September 13 2023 – Fontainebleau (France) – cleanup during Women’s Bouldering festival.

Take a  look at our cleaning events

Aftermovie Clean Climber #7 NL cleanup 2020

Due to COVID-19, we couldn’t do cleanups in Austria as planned. But due to this same virus that made climbing gyms to close, we crowded our outdoor climbing spots. So we cleaned those spots up!

Aftermovie Clean Climber #6 Fontainebleau 2019

The last cleaning event took place in the wonderful woods of Fontainebleau in France. The forest was actually quite clean, so no semi-cars this times but still plenty small pieces of floating plastic as well as a long-forgotten lunch container.

Aftermovie Clean Climber #4&5 Banja Luka & Baile Herculane 2019

The big Clean Climber trip saw us cleaning two climbing areas (Kameni Most and Skubalj) during the Drill&Chill festival close to Banja Luka/Bosnia-Herzegovina. After that, we went to the HCO climbing festival in the beautiful valley of Baile Herculane in Romania.

Aftermovie Clean Climber #3 Ettringen 2019

In March 2019, Clean Climber returned to Ettringen, Germany. After the last cleanup we saw that there was a need for more cleaning. Together with the USAC student climbing club more trash was removed including almost an entire car, the mayor came by to thank us for our efforts.

Aftermovie Clean Climber #2 Banja Luka 2018

In September 2019, Clean Climber went to Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina, to clean a crag during the Drill&Chill festival. Villagers above the crag dumped their garbage over the edge as they had no container to dispose their waste. Together with the locals we cleaned the climbing area and secured a trash container that is regularly emptied by the local government.

Aftermovie Clean Climber #1 Ettringen 2018

In August 2018, Clean Climber organised its first cleaning event in Ettringen, Germany. The climbing area is located in what used to be a mine, then an illegal dump before people started climbing there. The climbing area was under threat of being closed for climbers, but thanks to the efforts of DAV-Koblenz and Clean Climber, the area is still open for climbers.