How does it work?

Details about these steps

  1. Ask at the front desk from the gyms above for the RE-SOLE bag.

  2. Put your pair of worn shoes in the bag, fill out the form (and write down the bag number on the form) and pay for the service. The payment is like this:

    1. Standard resole price per pair: 50 - you can choose here for an original resole for SCARPA/La Sportiva shoes or pick the rubber you like best (Vibram XS Grip 2, Vibram XS EDGE, Vibram XS Grip, FiveTen C4, Trax or Boreal FSQ 27 - all 4mm thick except for the 5mm thick Vibram XS Grip).

    2. Some shoes are more expensive to resole, these are:

      1. La Sportiva Genius, Futura und Speedster (no-edge technology) - 65

      2. Original complete sole, front to heel, for SCARPA/La Sportiva - 60

    3. Are your noses worn out? You can put in the form to either repair the rand, to NOT repair the rand or to leave it up to the resoler to decide.

    4. Now pay for the amount of shoes and rand repair by bank transfer - payment details on the bottom of the form. Example: 1 pair of SCARPA Instinct VS original front resole (rand repair, 50 + 20) and 1 pair of La Sportiva Genius shoes (65): 140. Transport costs included!

  3. That's it! Now come by after the pickup date, ask for your bag number and you'll have a freshly resoled pair of shoes.

Here you can find all the info for the different rubbers that you can choose. But if you have a SCARPA or La Sportiva shoe, we strongly recommend to do an original resole, to bring your shoe back to 100% of its original performance.