• When is my nose worn out and when would it thus need a rand repair?

    • See the pictures below.

  • What if the resoler decides that my rand needs to be repaired?

    • You can then pay the additional 20 for the repair after you've received your shoes.

  • Can the resoler also repair my velcro strap?

    • The entire lacing system of the La Sportiva Solution&Futura models can be replaced for €20, you can put a note on your form. If you have other fixing requests for your shoes, write it on the form. You can pay us once you receive the resoled shoes.

  • Why is resoling more sustainable than buying new shoes?

    • The amount of material needed for resoling is less than 5% of the amount of material in a new shoe. So instead of buying 3 pairs of shoes of 150 each, you can buy 1 pair and 2 times a resoling for 50. This saves you 200 and it saves 180% less material (almost two pairs of climbing shoes).

  • Why are the shoes repaired by Kletterschuhe in Germany and not in the Netherlands?

    • Kletterschuhe can do original resoles of SCARPA and La Sportiva as well as great quality resoling of other brands. As we don't have a single resoler in the Netherlands that is certified in these two, we opted to start with Kletterschuhe. As we speak, we're talking to local resolers to become certified so that your shoes won't leave the country anymore hopefully later this year.

  • Why are the prices higher than when I order the resole through Kletterschuhe directly?

    • You would otherwise have to pay for shipment twice and that would probably cost more than through us. We will take care of shipping costs and the service to pick it up from your gym and deliver it there again.

  • Does Clean Climber make a profit from this service?

    • Clean Climber is a non-profit organisation, so by definition we won't. The resole service costs us between 27-31 per pair, shipping costs probably €5 each way with these quantities and then we bring it to the gym. There will be roughly €5 per pair as that we will 'earn', this will go straight into our sustainability actions (see the rest of our website).

  • Will we be able to find the results of this pilot project?

    • Yes! We will share the report of this project and we will be 100% transparent of the costs/earnings that we have for this project. You'll find this on our website!

  • If I want to ship my shoes to another resoler myself, where can I go?

    • See the list below!

More questions? - email us hello@cleanclimber.com

Do you still want to organise your own resoling? Sure! Here are some resolers:

  • Any climbing brand: Kletterschuhe, Saltic or Restday (send them to Germany)

  • La Sportivas can be resoled here if you live in the Netherlands, they also do other shoe brands

  • Scarpas can be resoled here if you live in the Netherlands, they also do other shoe brands

  • Five-Tens can be resoled here if you live in the Netherlands, they also do other shoe brands