Our goal

The goal of Clean Climber is to bring the climbing sport in balance with its environment

The current status quo for the climbing sport regarding our environmental impact is not looking great. We buy climbing gear, drive or fly to climbing areas the world over and leave our footprints in the climbing areas, while not giving back to the nature we say we adore. For climbing to have the right to exist in the future, we have to act now.

Clean Climber aims to bring the climbing sport in balance with nature, on all fronts. We might not be able to be neutral on all fronts (like transportation emissions, even though we need to improve here), but we can compensate in other ways (by removing more trash than left by climbers). We will work with all participants of the sport: the manufacturers of climbing equipment, climbing organisations and climbers.

In our efforts to bring climbing in balance with nature, we have planned to study and quantify when this goal is reached.