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Sending lost&found climbing gear REuse

Lost&found climbing gear is sent from climbing gyms to climbing clubs who lack the budget to buy it.

Climbing shoe resoling in the Netherlands and Germany REsole

Step 1: ask for a REsole bag at the counter of a participating gym.
Step 2: fill out the online form at (including payment) and put your shoes in the bag.
Step 3: drop the bag off at the counter. We’ll send them to a certified climbing shoe resoler.
Step 4: after 2-4 weeks, you will receive an email that your shoes have received a fresh sole! You can now pick them up at the counter again. Enjoy!
Click a gym for more info

recycling of climbing shoes in the Netherlands REcycle

The Clean Climber Foundation works together with gyms, where climbers can drop off their worn shoes. The worn shoes are transported to Sympany, who recycles and separates the materials. About half the weight of a climbing shoe is made from rubber, this material is shredded and transported to Stockz. Stockz is blending worn car tire rubber and climbing shoe rubber to produce exercise mats for climbing gyms.

cleanups in Europe REstore

we organise cleanups in Europe