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 Financial support

For all the actions we do, we also need your financial support! Here are the options:




  • You can donate to us by clicking on the button below (where you can pay using iDEAL, PayPal, etc. through the website, which takes 5% for their administrational work).

  • You can do a direct bank transfer (see our bank details on the Foundation Details page). 

  • You can do a periodic bank transfer (fill out the document  and send it back to us for tax reductions in the Netherlands, more info here).


On our upcoming annual report you will be able to read all our expenses and incomes, so you know where your money goes. Thanks so much in advance!


Cleanclimber needs you!


For all the actions we do, we also need your financial support!


We are always looking for support! If you feel that our goals are yours too, please contact us, we’d love to get to know you and work together with you. If there’s no job below that describes what you’d like to know, just write us what you’d like to do to:


Funds support

Are you a numbers cruncher and do you have the greater picture in mind, maybe you also have experience with subsidy requests and writing? Your help would be greatly appreciated! Again, this will on average not cost you more than 2 hours/week. Write us:



Clean Climber Foundation has started to make climbing shoes more sustainable by connecting climbers with shoemakers through promotion and logistics. This work does mean that we are now an ‘entrepreneurial foundation’ and therefore need to do bookkeeping. If you are an accountant and would like to support Clean Climber in this, please email us:

A big thank-you goes out to Monk, who always have and still support Clean Climber in many ways in making our sport sustainable.