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Clean Climber’s mission is to ensure climbing for future generations

Clean Climber started off in 2018 as I (Gerard van Laar, founder and chairman of Clean Climber) could no longer see the trash in the mountains where I climb. If taking care of mother earth will start somewhere, it must be right in nature where the damage can be seen so clearly. And if any community should start cleaning trash up, it’s the community who loves nature so  much, us climbers.

My two climbing friends Ico and Wouter were excited about the project and we worked together on the first cleaning events. We decided to start a foundation and work together to make a bigger impact. Ico Kloppenburg is the notary, he climbs, writes about climbing and dreams about climbing.  Wouter Hurkmans is the treasurer and is very fond of all sorts of climbing, he has recently discovered the pleasures of highlining.

We have nothing to hide and are therefore opting for radical transparency. This means that our financial policy and policy plan can be found under Foundation Details. If you’re interested in where we’ve spent money on and who donated to us, we can show you all of this in our office, as we are not allowed to publish this online. We gladly explain choices or expenses, always feel free to email us for questions.