ANBI foundation

Clean Climber: a foundation with ANBI status

We are excited to announce that since January 6th 2020 the Clean Climber Foundation has received the ANBI status from the Dutch government. So what is that?

Organisations with the ANBI status serve a goal that is for the greater good. Organisations with this status need to fulfil certain requirements. For example the board needs to consist of at least 3 members and financial and year reports need to be publicly accessible. Everything you want to know about ANBI organisations can be found here.

For supporters of us, this means that you can have more insight in our plans and finances.

For donators, this means that gifts are tax deductible for Dutch citizens/companies and also for most European citizens/companies. See more information about that here (in Dutch).

For any questions regarding our ANBI status, please contact us.