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What does Clean Climber do with the collected trash from cleanup events?

    • The collected trash will be picked up by the local municipalities. For now, it depends on the municipality whether it is receycled or not.

Is Clean Climber having a negative impact on the environment by driving to climbing areas for the cleanups?

    • We try to minimise our footprint during all of our actions, but we sure do have a footprint. We aim at measuring our footprint and comparing it to the positive impact we have by doing the cleanups and spreading awareness. Furthermore, we encourage local climbing communities to organise their own cleanups. Finally, we believe that doing nothing to the situation is to show defeat. Therefore we keep trying to tackle the problem as a community, while simultaneously monitoring the impact.

Why does Clean Climber exist? I think that the climbing community takes care of nature very well.

    • It would be great if the climbing community had no negative impact on nature, but sadly enough, that is not the case. We buy new climbing gear, drive or fly to climbing areas, disturb the nature there and after some time, we throw the worn climbing gear in the trash bin. All of these actions have a negative influence on nature, without our community doing something back to nature. Together with Clean Climber you can make this situation better!

How can I help Clean Climber?

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