Clean Climber collaborates with 7 new boulder gyms to promote sustainability

In an exciting move to ensure climbing for future generations, Clean Climber collaborates with the boulder gyms Energiehaven, Zuidhaven, Radium, Kunststof, Krachtstof, Roest, and Apex. This partnership aims to make the climbing industry more conscious, by placing a strong emphasis on sustainability through the implementation of Clean Climber’s REsole and Recycle programs. Together, they are set to redefine the way climbers approach being outdoors, their gear and its environmental impact.


This collaboration is the integration of different Clean Climber programs at the 7 boulder gyms. Rogier Mattens, one of the founders of the boulder gyms: “We are very happy to collaborate with Clean Climber in this. For instance, the REsole program focuses on repairing worn climbing shoes. Traditionally, climbing shoes have a limited lifespan due to worn-out soles, resulting in a significant waste stream. However, with REsole, our climbers can now breathe new life into their beloved footwear.”

All the boulder gyms will act as a hub for climbers to drop off their worn-out climbing shoes, which will then be carefully repaired by skilled and licensed shoemakers.

“By extending the life cycle of climbing shoes, this program helps to reduce waste and promote sustainability within the climbing community.” says Gerard van Laar, founder of Clean Climber.


In addition to REsole, Clean Climber’s REcycle program is also available in all the boulder gyms, which focuses on the responsible disposal of worn climbing shoes. Climbers have the opportunity to bring their retired shoes to any of the boulder gyms. Clean Climber will handle the proper recycling and upcycling of these materials, ensuring that they are repurposed in an eco-friendly manner, such as making sportsmats out of the rubber.

A sustainable future for climbing

Clean Climber’s collaboration with the 7 boulder gyms marks a significant milestone in promoting sustainability within the Dutch climbing community. By combining forces, they are empowering climbers to make a positive impact on the environment. Through the REsole and REcycle programs, climbers can extend the lifespan of their gear and ensure its responsible disposal, reducing waste and conserving valuable resources.

“The boulder gyms will also serve as central collection points for climbers to participate in other sustainable initiatives, such as workshops on how to behave environmentally neutral, when climbing outdoors. Our collaboration not only enhances the environmental stewardship of the climbing industry but also fosters a sense of community and shared responsibility among climbers.” says Rogier Mattens.

The partnership represents a bold step towards creating a more sustainable future for climbing. By integrating the Clean Climber programs, this collaboration sets a new standard for responsible consumption and waste management in the climbing industry. With the boulder gyms Energiehaven, Zuidhaven, Radium, Kunststof, Krachtstof, Roest, Apex and Clean Climber leading the way, the future of climbing is not only growing to new heights but also environmentally conscious.