Clean Climber’s mission is to ensure climbing for future generations.

In order to do so, Clean Climber aims to bring the impact of the climbing sport in balance with its environment in order to make the sport sustainable.

Clean Climber is committed to cleaning climbing areas, reusing climbing gear and creating more awareness among climbers regarding their own responsibilities. We all have an impact and can change that into having a positive impact! The awareness among climbers is needed on different fronts:

  • With nature: use existing pathways, be gentle with plants & trees, rocks & the use of magnesium, respect times of year the rock is reserved for birds and/or other animals to breed.
  • With local communities: respect religious meanings of certain rocks/climbing areas, prevent nuisance and loud swearing, be aware you are a part of the climbing community and that other climbers will be judged by your actions.
  • With municipalities: respect rules regarding wild camping, realise you are always a guest.
  • With our carbon footprint: transportation emissions will be difficult to minimize to zero, but look into alternatives instead of the easy flight or commit to a longer period abroad when flying.

For all the actions we do, we also need your financial support! You can donate to us by clicking on the button below (where you can pay using iDEAL, PayPal, etc. through the website, which takes 5% for the administrational work) or do a direct bank transfer (see our bank details on the 'about us' page: On our upcoming annual report you will be able to read all our expenses and incomes, so you know where your money goes. Thanks so much in advance!